Shekhawati Intach Chapter - Conservation and preservation of Shekhawati’s cultural and built heritage

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Our actions with artisans

Our INTACH Shekhawati - Chapter organizes capacity building programs for the economic and social improvement of communities living in the vicinity of heritage sites.

 The aim of these workshops is to share with the participants, mainly local masons, the methods by which the wall paintings of Shekhawati region can be conserved; this involves the revival of the lime working and wall painting traditions of our region. 

 The programs are lead by Indian heritage conservation specialists and trainers deputed by INTACH- Indian Council for Conservation Institutes itself 

Some topics of the workshops  held so far: identification of causes of  deterioration of wall paintings; Preparation of a work plan; Organisation of the work site; Consolidation of loose plaster; Consolidation of flaking paint layers; Restoration of the images that are not visible due to surface deposits. They were led by Mr. Anupam Shah from  The Himalayan Society for Heritage and Art Conservation. 

These 3 to 4 day trainings are free of cost for the participants. An honorarium is provided to the masons and artisans in lieu of the wages they may have foregone in order to attend the workshops.

It is envisaged that a large number of craftsmen should be trained and empowered to contribute to the process.