Shekhawati Intach Chapter - Conservation and preservation of Shekhawati’s cultural and built heritage

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Our actions with schools

Heritage awareness and people’s involvement in heritage issues is one of INTACH’s primary mandates. Schools are part of our target groups; heritage education aiming at developing an understanding of our history, culture, traditions, lifestyles, environment and communities.

We regularly organize activities with schools of Shekhawati such as:

  • Photos contests
  • Drawings and paintings contests
  • Itinerant exhibitions showing the work of the children
  • Conferences

Our aim: to inculcate in the younger generation a sense of pride of our heritage and to bring heritage education in the forefront thus ensuring a long term concern to preserve it.


Our Chapter has printed postcards with the best drawings from one of our contests. They are for sale at the head office of the chapter.

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