Shekhawati Intach Chapter - Conservation and preservation of Shekhawati’s cultural and built heritage

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Listing of architural buildings - Nawalgarh

The conservation and protection of built heritage through listing being, in the long term, interest of society whether for economic or cultural reasons, Shekhawati Chapter  has launched a listing of Architectural Heritage of Nawalgarh in February 2014

For that purpose, Ramesh C. Jangid, Convenor,  has invited four Belgian who came as volunteers.

 The team is composed  by  Timo Tembuyser,  master student architectural engineering, participating to the Listing Project as a research, promoted by prof. Johan Lagae , specialised in non-Western architecture, Simon Denysketel and Eno D'hondt, graduated in architectural engineering  from the University of Ghent  and Febe De Geest, who also studied architectural engineering and who is now studying Eastern Languages (Hindi and Sanskrit). All of them will be undertaking field work in Nawalgarh.

 Mrs Catherine RIPOU, from France,  Co-Convenor of INTACH-SHEKHAWATI chapter and co-founder of the association « Friends of Shekhawati »  came to Nawalgarh during this period to give her coordination.

 Mr. Krishan Kumar Sahal, Co-convenor of INTACH-SHEKHAWATI chapter is giving his full support to the project as well.