Shekhawati Intach Chapter - Conservation and preservation of Shekhawati’s cultural and built heritage

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Shekhawati is located in the North -Est part of the state of Rajasthan (India).

Shekhawati region covers two administrative districts: Jhunjhunu district (5926 km2 - 2,139,658 inhabitants in 2011 census) and Sikar district (7742 km2 - 2,677,737 inhabitants).

The neighbouring district of Churu (14,716 km2 - 2,041,172 inhabitants), formerly attached to the kingdom of Bikaner while Jhunjhunu and Sikar districts were attached to the kingdom of Jaipur, with the same architectural features, is sometimes included under the term "Shekhawati".

Shekhawati 275 km from Delhi, 145 km from Jaipur, 230 km from Bikaner.